Counseling in Redding CAThere are times when we all feel hopeless or as if we are not living our lives the way we should. The struggles of life can have a profound affect our happiness and the way we interact with others in our lives. Children First & Lassen Counseling began as a response to the growing need for mental health counseling in Redding, California. Our quality therapeutic services focus on how people function personally and in their relationships. Our licensed clinicians and interns are dedicated to helping the residents of rural Northern California enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Compassionate Treatment

At Lassen Counseling we will find the right course of treatment for whatever may be bothering you. We provide supportive counseling services in a comfortable environment. Our therapists are prepared to help you with typical life stresses such as marriage and family issues. They can also help assess, diagnose, and treat more severe psychological disorders including, but not limited to, PTSD, anger management, and behavioral problems. Treatment options may involve individual, group therapy, or other evidence-based therapies. Clinicians are also willing and able to offer clients with referrals to see licensed psychologists for testing when it is necessary or requested.

Caring Clinicians

We are dedicated to employing the most skilled and knowledgeable counselors available. Providing our clients with sensitive support is a top priority for the staff at Lassen Counseling. These expert licensed clinicians and interns are more than capable of helping people improve the quality of their lives. They have the education and experience necessary to counseling clients of all ages with educational and career decisions. We strive to stay up-to-date on the latest therapeutic techniques to assist our clients in a return to living fuller, happier, and healthier lives.

Children First & Lassen Counseling was founded in 1999 as an effort to change lives and provide hope for the under-served in our area. We guarantee high-quality counseling for Redding, California residents in their most difficult times. It is the determination of our outpatient clinicians to provide the best possible mental health services for a variety of issues. Contact us today to speak with a visit coordinator and schedule an appointment.